Обложка книги At Home With Density

At Home With Density

ISBN: 9622096018;
Издательство: Hong Kong University Press
Страниц: 272

Book DescriptionThirty-five percent of the Hong Kong population lives in small apartments in public housing, yet there has been little documented about how this effects quality of life. Through qualitative interviews with public housing residents, At Home with Density addresses the seeming paradox that Hong Kong is one of the most prosperous societies in the world (with the highest density of Rolls Royces, mobile telephones, and millionaires per square mile), and yet, most of the population lives in whatis, by western standards, low quality, high-density housing. As there are few theoretically-informed studies of Asian urban design, this book represents an important contribution to the fields of design, sociology, and cultural geography. The accompanying award-winning documentary film, A Thousand Pieces of Gold, the recipient of the Gold Award at the Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Awards in 1998, will enable readers unfamiliar with Hong Kong housing the opportunity to...