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Atul Uchil

I OPTED OUT: The Chronicles Of A Corporate Rat Race Junkie

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ISBN: 1598000713
Издательство: Outskirts Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 80
Dr. Uchil's second book on corporate America is a perfect compliment his first book. CONSULTING: A JOB OR A LIFESTYLE; is an academic analysis of the trials and tribulations faced by individuals that choose management consulting as a career. I OPTED OUT; narrated in the form of a pseudo-autobiography, takes a poignant and satirical look at the impact of the corporate rat race on the personal life of an individual that is addicted to his work. Today's society often parades the term 'workaholic' as a catch phrase or a badge of honor. Few recognize that addiction to work can be as dangerous as addiction to drugs or alcohol. The author presents this material in a humorous manner where possible to lighten the burden of reading, while taking care not to let humor dilute the gravity of the message.