Обложка книги Bone Music

Bone Music


ISBN: 1587152517;
Издательство: Wildside Press
Страниц: 248

Book DescriptionA little over sixty years ago, Robert Johnson died of poison in a little town up off the bluff in Arkansas. In an hour, a little girl named Lisa will die of cancer. Such different deaths -- but linked, horribly and inevitably, by the crime Robert Johnson committed in the hour that he died. That Crime was Judgment Day: Robert Johnson sang Judgment Day, the song to end the world, as he lay dying in that shack up off the Mississippi River bluff -- and nothing anywhere in the world has been right since. "Startling originality, a strong and rhythmic narrative voice, compelling characters, and delightfully quirky metaphysics make this a noteworthy hardcover debut for Rodgers, author of New Life for the Dead. . . . Well-realized settings range from contemporary New York City to Missouri and Mississippi in 1938; heaven and hell both come down to earth in modern New Orleans. Through colloquial prose that's strong and perfectly pitched, Rodgers combines elements of horror...