Обложка книги August Wilson: A Literary Companion (Mcfarland Literary Companions)

August Wilson: A Literary Companion (Mcfarland Literary Companions)

ISBN: 0786419032;
Издательство: McFarland & Company
Страниц: 266

Book DescriptionAward-winning African-American playwright August Wilson has created a cultural chronicle of black America through such works as Ma Rainey?s Black Bottom, Fences, Joe Turner?s Come and Gone, The Piano Lesson, and Two Trains Running. The authentic ring of wit, anecdote, homily, and plaint has proved that a self-educated Pittsburgh ghetto native can grow into a revered conduit for a century of black achievement. He forces readers and audiences to examine the despair generated by poverty and racism by exploring African-American heritage and experiences over the course of the twentieth century. This literary companion provides the reader with a source of basic data and analysis of characters, dates, events, allusions, staging strategies, and themes from the work on one of America?s finest playwrights. The text opens with an annotated chronology of Wilson?s life and works, followed by his family tree. Each of the 166 encyclopedic...