Обложка книги The Monologue Bin

The Monologue Bin

ISBN: 1411605632;
Издательство: Lulu Press
Страниц: 124

Book DescriptionMonologues, comic and dramatic, quirky and plain-spoken, thoughtful and reckless, for adult actors of every age, from the teen years on. This original collection includes all the pieces from "Monologues for Teens and Twenties" plus SIXTY-TWO more!!! Varied voices speak here: A wry young woman working as Santa Claus; a young athlete who meets a mountain lion; a woman who sees a hawk and thinks of her lover; a radio DJ, telling a half-tragic story; a woman making a video for a dating service; a man who's tracked down his old girl friend; a hotel clerk trying very hard to hide... something; a homeless old woman talking brightly of her life... Over a hundred original tales are told here, clamoring, complaining, pleading, praising, rejoicing, raging; demanding the listener's ear. Whether you want a piece that's "just right" for your type or a piece that will stretch your talents, you've got a wide range to pick from in "The Monologue Bin", for class, for audition or...

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