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Anna Christie

ISBN: 1420925911;
Издательство: Digireads.com
Страниц: 88

Book Description This 1922 Pulitzer Prize-winning drama from O’Neill’s early career concerns the reunion of a barge captain and his daughter after 20 years. The father’s disaffection for the seafaring life and the daughter’s love for a sailor elicit a shocking confession. Students and enthusiasts of modern theater will prize this inexpensive edition of a moving drama of social realism. Download DescriptionANNA: Sure I do. Everything's been so different from anything Iever come across before. And now--this fog--Gee, I wouldn't have missed it for nothing. I never thought living on ships was so different from land. Gee, I'd yust love to work on it, honest I would, if I was a man. I don't wonder you always been a sailor.

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