Обложка книги Macbeth (Picture This! Shakespeare)

Macbeth (Picture This! Shakespeare)

ISBN: 0764131400;
Издательство: Barrons Educational Series
Страниц: 64

Book Description This gripping tragedy tells the haunting story of a nobleman who will stop at nothing to become king. Shakespeare?s immortal dramas are now available in illustrated form for classroom use! This revolutionary way of introducing the timeless comedies and tragedies of the Bard of Avon combines the art form of the graphic novel with written passages taken directly from Shakespeare?s texts. Children first studying Shakespeare are sometimes intimidated by the difficulty of his language. They will often miss the excitement and suspense in his story lines and the fascination of the wonderful characters he has created. Approaching his plays in the form of graphic-novel-style picture stories, supplemented with excerpts from the originaldialogue, can be a young student?s important first step in truly understanding and appreciating Shakespeare?s masterpieces. Preceding the action of each play, these books offer brief summaries explaining what the play is all...