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William Kerwin

Beyond The Body: The Boundaries Of Medicine And English Renaissance Drama (Massachusetts Studies in Early Modern Culture)

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ISBN: 1558494820
Издательство: University of Massachusetts Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 290
Book DescriptionThis is a book about two things: medical instability and Renaissance drama. Medical stories are always also social stories, and William Kerwin presents five case studies of how the fragile and dynamic relationship between the medical and the nonmedical played out in Renaissance England. Renaissance drama richly staged that process, presenting medical practitioners in ways that undermined any attempt to imagine them as self-defining. Playwrights consistently unmasked fictions of medical autonomy, emphasizing that a variety of social narratives competed in the shaping of the medical culture. Drawing on research in the social history of medicine as well as a wide-ranging collection of primary narratives of medical encounters, Kerwin pursues the stories of several medical groups. Specifically, he examines women healers in terms of the changing place of women in the public sphere; the connections between drug sellers--apothecaries and alchemists--and an emerging modern...