Обложка книги A Tragedy at Hillsville: A Play in Three Acts

A Tragedy at Hillsville: A Play in Three Acts

ISBN: 0595284213;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 92

Book DescriptionOver eight decades have passed since newspapers across the country first published accounts of a terrible shootout in the Carroll County, Virginia, Courthouse which left five people dead. Two men received the electric chair, and four others were sentenced to long prison terms. But doubts over the actual events of that infamous day still linger. In A Tragedy at Hillsville , Ron Larson offers his version of the shootout in an original, full-length drama. The three-act play adheres to the historical record, while entertaining its audience with a vivid and dramatic illustration of the days leading up to that famous shootout. A?Larson does a creditable job with portraying the facts in an entertaining way.A? A?Jim Cunningham The Carroll News