Обложка книги If It's Tuesday..... I Must Be DEAD!

If It's Tuesday..... I Must Be DEAD!

ISBN: 1594572712;
Издательство: STARS N*STUFF
Страниц: 352

Book DescriptionIt’s a poignant, impressive story of survival and love - woven into a heart wrenching tale of sacrifice to give her daughter the career that she begged for. Filled with physical conquests, Hollywood anecdotes, and personal memories- the book recounts the life of Josene Ker Weld and the career of her daughter, bizarre & quirky 50's actress Tuesday Weld. Wanting the world to know what she endured throughout her life - this book is a “Daughter Dearest” - overflowing with true stories, conversations, and all of the ‘stuff’ that you always want to know but never hear about.