Обложка книги All Flesh Must Be Eaten: Revised Edition

All Flesh Must Be Eaten: Revised Edition

ISBN: 1891153315;
Издательство: Eden Studios
Страниц: 256

Book DescriptionWelcome to the World of Survival Horror! All Flesh Must Be Eaten is a complete roleplaying game. In it, you will find: Eleven different Deadworld settings allowing customization of the storyline. A comprehensive zombie creation system to surprise and alarm players. A list of equipment crucial to surviving a world of shambling horrors. Detailed character creation rules for Norms, Survivors, and the Inspired. A full exposition of the Unisystem game rules, suitable for any game in any time period. Open Game License conversion text for porting AFMBE to any modern-day campaign featuring a twenty-sided dice game mechanic.

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