Обложка книги Blunders in International Business

Blunders in International Business

ISBN: 1405134925;
Издательство: Blackwell Publishing, Incorporated
Страниц: 192

This new edition of Blunders in International Business is significantly updated and revised, full of interesting anecdotes, including dozens of new international business blunders.Some of the well-known old blunders have been replaced in order to update the lessons learned. The new edition, expanded but conserving its well-liked, concise format, includes more than fifty new international business blunders, featuring American Express, McDonalds, Toyota, GM, Sharwoods, Jolly Green Giant, Bacardi, Puff, AOL, BMW, and many others.We often hear of business success stories. It seems that everyone is willing to relate past successes. However, unless these tales are absolutely incredible, we tend to forget them and consequently learn little of value. Mistakes, on the other hand, are seldom admitted, are easily remembered, and can be used to illustrate valuable lessons.David Ricks continues to uncover many informative, entertaining blunders that will make this book hard to put down. This...