Обложка книги Blessings : A Novel

Blessings : A Novel

ISBN: 0812969812;
Издательство: Random House Trade Paperbacks
Страниц: 256

Amazon.comThe plot of Anna Quindlen's novel Blessings is constructed on the same model as E.T. : adorable orphaned creature is found by unlikely caregiver who against his or her better judgment falls in love with the little beast, while all the while, the authorities loom in the background, threatening to take the foundling away. In Quindlen's book, however, the foundling in question isn't an alien, but a squalling baby left at Blessings, a vast estate owned by an ancient, crabby matriarch named Lydia Blessing. By a fluke, the baby's parents abandon her by the garage rather than at the front door, and so she is discovered by Skip Cuddy, Lydia Blessing's newly hired handyman, who happens to be an ex-con. The plot proceeds from there in fairly E.T. -like fashion, minus the Reese's Pieces and flying bicycles. Skip, Lydia, and the baby they name Faith form a surprisingly loving and sustaining, albeit temporary, family unit. Quindlen wrings a remarkable amount of...

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