Обложка книги Miss Julia Throws a Wedding

Miss Julia Throws a Wedding

ISBN: 0142002712;
Издательство: Penguin Books
Страниц: 320

Amazon.comIf you've ever lived in a small town or been active in a church, chances are you know a Miss Julia, the paragon of outdated correctness at the center of Ann B. Ross's series of comic novels. One-third busybody, one-third Southern relic, and one-third loving kindness, the elderly Miss Julia finds herself at a loss at the beginning of Miss Julia Throws a Wedding . Although her own marriage was about as uplifting as a burned pot roast, she is mortified to learn that Hazel Marie, her dead husband's mistress, proposes to move out of Miss Julia's house and into a life of sin with the perpetual bachelor J.D. Pickens. At least Deputy Sheriff Coleman Bates and attorney Binkie Enloe, longtime lovers, have finally decided to do the right thing. Now if only they would do it the right way. Intent on preserving the niceties, Miss Julia takes over the wedding for Coleman and Binkie, vetoing their plans for a quick courthouse union and struggling to pull together a tasteful formal...