Обложка книги The Story of M: A Memoir

The Story of M: A Memoir

ISBN: 0972633952;
Издательство: Magic Carpet Books
Страниц: 240

Book DescriptionIn M., Maria Isabel Pita tells the truth about being a beautiful, intelligent and intensely sensual woman who refuses to fall into any politically correct category. She is not a feminist, and yet she is fiercely independent. She is everything but a mindless sex object, yet she is willingly, and happily, a masterful man?s love slave. M is erotically submissive and yet also profoundly secure in her own being, and she wrote this account of her ascent into submission for all the women out there who might be confused and frightened by their own contradictory desires just as she was. M is the true story of the author?s first shockingly kinky and profoundly instructive year with the man of her dreams. Her vividly detailed story makes it clear we should never feel guilty about daring to make our deepest, darkest longings come true, and serves as living proof that they do.

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