Обложка книги Winter in Kandahar

Winter in Kandahar

ISBN: 0972948007;
Издательство: Hailey-Grey Books
Страниц: 464

Book DescriptionAFGHANISTAN- the name conjures images of rugged mountains, ancient cities, hardened Mujaheddin, a country rife with regional rivalries, and the eternal struggle between Tajik and Pashtun. Afghanistan comes to life in this epic adventure of love, betrayal, and war. Young Tajik Ahmed Jans heroic journey begins in the Northern Alliance stronghold near Taloqan just a month prior to /. He is swept away by the chaos that soon engulfs the country before a chance discovery propels him to the forefront of the clash between civilizations. Pursued by both the CIA and al-Qaida, he struggles to save his people from obliteration and find the true meaning of life in a land where all seems lost.