Обложка книги Garden of Stones

Garden of Stones

ISBN: 141372115X;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 198

Book DescriptionJamie McPherson stood on the wind-swept cliff, tears stinging her eyes; she cried out into the darkness of night, to the hero of her dreams?that special person all girls dream of coming to their rescue, a knight in shining armor. What she didn?t expect to hear, as she looked over the desolate vastness of the Pacific Ocean, was an answer. Aerik stopped what he was doing and concentrated. There it was again. A voice so pure, so sweet, so filled with grief it touched his darkened soul. Who was this human girl that had unknowingly connected to him? How was it possible?this girl whose life was but a flicker in time compared to his?for her to touch him so? He was consumed with the desire to protect her, to touch her, to possess her. He vowed he would find her. He would have her.