Обложка книги Hustlin' Backwards

Hustlin' Backwards

ISBN: 0972800530;
Издательство: Black Pearl Books
Страниц: 306

Book DescriptionCapone, and his life-long road dawgz, June and Vonzell are out for just one thing . To get rich!....By any means necessary! As these three partners in crime rise up the ranks from Project-Kids to Street-Dons, their sworn code of "Death Before Dishonor" gets tested by the Feds. Though Capone?s simple pursuit of forward progression as a Hustler gains him an enviable lifestyle of Fame, Fortune and all the women his libido can handle ? It also comes with a price. No matter the location ? Miami, Charlotte, Connecticut or Puerto Rico ? There?s simply no rest for the wicked! WARNING: HUSTLIN? BACKWARDS is not the typical street-novel. A Unique Plot, Complex Characters mixed with a Mega-dose of Sensuality makes this story enjoyable by all sorts of readers! A true Hustler himself, Mike Sanders knows the game, inside and out!

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