Обложка книги Iokaste: The Novel of the Mother-Wife of Oedipus

Iokaste: The Novel of the Mother-Wife of Oedipus

ISBN: 1413726755;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 307

Book DescriptionFor millennia the story of Oedipus - who, despite all efforts to avoid his fate, killed his father and married his mother - has captivated imaginations. Even more compelling are the experiences of his wife and mother, Iokaste. In Iokaste,she finally tells her story. As the book opens, Iokaste's brother Kreon tells his sister she must die. The sacrilege of her unnatural marriage is revealed; the queen of Thebes can either take her own life or be torn to pieces by an angry mob. She has until dawn to choose the means of her death. Horrified, Iokaste's daughter asks: How much of the truth did you know? And when did you know it? Iokaste answers these questions. Through the disappointment of her first marriage and the loss of her firstborn child, Iokaste learns the sacrifices demanded of a queen. When her husband dies, Iokaste and her brother contend with the dangerous Sphinx and contrive a plan to protect their city. Then the prince of Korinth claims the heart of the queen,...