Обложка книги Larceny


ISBN: 0974789550;
Издательство: Triple Crown Publications
Страниц: 291

Book DescriptionIn the hood, a snitch is the worst thing a person could possibly be. Rolling over on your best friend who has been with you through thick and thin, hungry and full, freedom and state bids - that?s "the cruelest lie told in silence". In this tale that plucks the innermost chords of emotion, jealousy turns to envy then to backstabbing as we observe two friends that have struggled together, hustled together and endured separate prison terms. While Jevon experiences the fruits of the hustle during his partner?s first stint, Bilal humbly does his time like a true soldier after taking a manslaughter charge for his "brother". Will their friendship survive the broken bond of brotherhood, or will dishonor come before death?