Обложка книги Me and My Boyfriend

Me and My Boyfriend

ISBN: 0974789526;
Издательство: Triple Crown Publications
Страниц: 193

Book Description"All I Need In This Life of Sin is Me & My Boyfriend" Here comes a honey colored, hazel-green eyed St. Louis bombshell named Meesa. With money in the bank, designer clothes in her closet and true friends by her side, Meesa still longsfor more. All of her life she's wanted for one thing and one thing only, love. When she meets the infamous Black, a street pharmacist from the North side of The Lou, finally love is in her grasp. Follow Meesa and Black, this century's new notorious Bonnie and Clyde, through the roller coaster ride that their tight to death relationship brings. From ups, downs, love, hate, lies, abuse and murder, they go through it all. Like the saying goes: everything that looks good to you ain?t always good foryou. But in the end, love always conquers all...doesn't it?

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