Обложка книги One Summer Night

One Summer Night

ISBN: 1594930074;
Издательство: Bella Books
Страниц: 240

Embarrassed after their night of passion, Jo hopes to never see Kelly Sambino again, especially when friends warn her of Kelly?s reputation as a runaround. When fall classes begin, Jo is as surprised as anyone to find Kelly has been hired to teach at the same college. She denies the attraction and refuses to be swayed by Kelly?s considerable charm, vowing never to repeat her summer indiscretion. Kelly insists she is not the womanizer others claim. She pursues Jo, breaking down her resistance and professing her love, only to have her reputation come between them again. In a moment of need, Jo turns to Kelly, accepting the physical comfort Kelly offers, while still denying her own heart . . . denying the love that has grown between them.