Обложка книги Opening Love's Door : The Seven Lessons

Opening Love's Door : The Seven Lessons

ISBN: 0595333869;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 194

Book Description"An extraordinary self-help book that reads like a romantic adventure." --Jana Nestlerode, Chair, Department of Criminal Justice, West Chester University Luscious dreams of love plague Janna, a dedicated therapist who gives all to her clients and little to herself. Only when a husky male client begins following her, does she seek out help--in the form of the mysterious and magical Raphaela Love. Raphaela teaches Janna seven life-altering lessons. As Janna takes on the first lesson, Fear Lights the Way to Mastery , she faces the stalker, confronts her incestuous uncle and midwifes the death of a loved one. These courageous steps are part of a momentous journey out of her ordinary, constricted reality and into Raphaela's world of unlimited possibilities. "Fear is the signal, the alpha point, while mastery is the omega or end point. Fear tells us where we need to look. It can uncover what we truly desire. Then it becomes a call to...