Обложка книги Dark Harbor

Dark Harbor

ISBN: 044657693X;
Издательство: Warner Books
Страниц: 432

Book DescriptionScott Finn, rising star at a Boston law firm, has worked hard to pull himself out of the Charlestown projects. When the body of his co-worker and old flame, Natalie Caldwell, floats to the surface of Boston Harbor, Finn is grief stricken. But almost immediately, he?s tapped by the firm to replace her in the defense of a high-profile client. As he retraces Natalie?s footsteps, Finn begins to unravel the awful mystery of her murder. But police lieutenant Linda Flaherty is also hot on the trail. What neither Finn nor Flaherty realize is what?s at stake if the truth is uncovered: billions of dollars, the careers of the Massachusetts elite, and their own survival.

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