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Aaron Hamburger

Faith for Beginners : A Novel

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ISBN: 1400062985
Издательство: Random House
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 352
Book DescriptionAn acclaimed short-story writer has created a miraculous first novel about an American family on the verge of a breakdown–and an epiphany. In the summer of 2000, Israel teeters between total war and total peace. Similarly on edge, Helen Michaelson, a respectable suburban housewife from Michigan, has brought her ailing husband and rebellious college-age son, Jeremy, to Jerusalem. She hopes the journey will inspire Jeremy to reconnect with his faith and find meaning in his life. . . or at least get rid of his nose ring. It’s not that Helen is concerned about Jeremy’s sexual orientation (after all, her other son is gay as well). It’s merely the matter of the overdose (“Just like Liza!” Jeremy had told her), the green hair, and what looks like a safety pin stuck through his face. After therapy, unconditional love, and tough love . . . why not try Israel? Yet in seductive and dangerous surroundings, with the rumbling...
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