Обложка книги High Plains Tango : A Novel

High Plains Tango : A Novel

ISBN: 0307209946;
Издательство: Shaye Areheart Books
Страниц: 304

Amazon.comIn an Author's Note at the end of High Plains Tango , Robert Jaems Waller says: "Though this book stands by itself, it is a continuation of two of my other books: The Bridges of Madison County and, especially, A Thousand CountryRoads ... A Thousand Country Roads details Carlisle McMillan's search for his father, Robert Kincaid, who played a central role in The Bridges of Madison County ." Waller just can't, try as he might, get back to Madison County. Eventhough there are those who love to trash Bridges as sentimental twaddle, there are legions more who celebrate it as a romantic tour de force. Whichever side you favor, let it be said that the book delivers exactly what it promises. Not quite true of this book. What promises to be a romance of Waller-like proportions turns into an environmental crusade which turns down the heat, and then switches back to romance and do-goodery. Carlisle McMillan, Stanford graduate (which comes in...