Обложка книги In the Midst of It All

In the Midst of It All

ISBN: 1593090382;
Издательство: Strebor Books
Страниц: 272

Book Description Shonda Cheeke's hip and provocative follow-up to the critically acclaimed Another Man's Wife welcomes readers back into the world of Yani and Alex Chance and the ever popular Asia Fenton as they strive to stay strongin the face of tough choices, unexpected complications, and the sweet joys and bitter lows of love. Asia Fenton is finally on the road to her happily ever after. Her new relationship with the handsome Detective Johnny Johnson is everything the good doctor ordered after a failed attempt to reconcile with her former fiance, who had a pregnant girlfriend he forgot to tell her about. When the sounds of the wedding bells become overwhelming, her new neighbor and former fiance step in to change the tempo of the dance. Yani and Alex Chance have weathered one test of their love, but there's more in store. The second family of Yani's estranged husband, Jarrin, turns up in the New York city, in hopes of...

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