Обложка книги McSweeney's Quarterly Concern Issue 15 (Mcsweeney's Quarterly Concern)

McSweeney's Quarterly Concern Issue 15 (Mcsweeney's Quarterly Concern)

ISBN: 1932416145;
Издательство: McSweeney's
Страниц: 200

Book DescriptionMcSweeney's began in 1998 as a literary journal, edited by Dave Eggers, which published only works rejected from other magazines. But after the first issue, the journal began to publish pieces written with McSweeney's in mind. Soon after,McSweeney's attracted works from some of the finest writers in the country, including David Foster Wallace, Ann Cummins, Rick Moody, Heidi Julavits, Jonathan Lethem, William T. Vollmann, and many new talents. Today, McSweeney's has grown to be one of the country's best and largest-circulation literary journals. The journal is committed to finding new voices, publishing work of gifted but underappreciated writers, and pushing the literary form forward at all times. McSweeney's publishes on a roughly quarterly schedule, and each issue is markedly different from its predecessors in terms of design and editorial focus.