Обложка книги Pocketful of Names

Pocketful of Names

ISBN: 1555974236;
Издательство: Graywolf Press
Страниц: 304

Book Description “Coomer writes so well, with such freshness and authenticity, that we hate to put the book down.” — The Boston Globe The first thing Hannah said to the dog: “I don’t know if there’senough room for you on this island. I’m already here.” Inhabiting an island off the coast of Maine left to her by her great-uncle Arno, Hannah finds her life as a dedicated and solitary artist rudely interrupted one summer when a dog, matted with feathers and seaweed, arrives with the tide. The dog quickly endears himself and easily adapts to Hannah’s habits, but he is only the first in a series of unexpected visitors. He is soon followed by a teenager running from an abusivefather, a half sister in trouble, a mainland family in need, and a trapped whale. Now in the midst of a community that depends on her for support and love, Hannah faces new emotional challenges as family secrets are uncovered, each one...