Обложка книги The Martyr's Song

The Martyr's Song

ISBN: 0849944996;
Издательство: WestBow Press
Страниц: 144

Book Description "Make me beautiful." That's what Marci wants from the old woman-not "inner beauty," but real, physical attractiveness to save her from being a teenage outcast. The woman offers a gift in the form of a story-a strange tale from 1940s Bosnia about a group of soldiers who terrorize a town of women and children, brutalize their priest, and murder a child. Somehow, in the midst of the horror, a window opens to another reality-a world of impossible beauty, infectious music, irresistible laughter, and a vision that somehow changes…everything. By the time the story ends, Marci hears the heavenly music herself. So will you. Once you read this unforgettable story, you'll never be the same.