Обложка книги The Secret Lives of Fortunate Wives

The Secret Lives of Fortunate Wives

ISBN: 0525949097;
Издательство: Dutton Books
Страниц: 347

Book Description From the creator of the inimitable, zany sleuth Bubbles Yablonsky comes a witty, wild, and shocking tale about love suburban style. News bulletin: Gone is HBO?s Sex and the City . Sex has moved to the suburbs. Here iswhere you?ll find ABC?s #1 TV show Desperate Housewives . Here too is The Secret Lives of Fortunate Wives , a hilarious but poignant and spot-on novel about love and betrayal inside the world of the gated community. Pampered Hunting Hills, Ohio, socialite Marti Denton never realized she was madly in love with John Harding until he impulsively married Claire Stark, a beautiful but socially awkward newspaper reporter to whom a "coming-out" party is a controversy, not a tradition. It?s not until the Hunting Hills wives are plunged into a series of explosive scandals that the two women reach a new understanding of each other and what it means to be a fortunate wife in the twenty-first century. In ...

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