Обложка книги The Twins of Tribeca : A Novel

The Twins of Tribeca : A Novel

ISBN: 1401352294;
Издательство: Miramax Books
Страниц: 384

Book Description A real-life movie publicist?s deliciously dishy novel of behind-the-scenes Hollywood madness. Karen Jacobs has heard plenty of stories about Glorious Pictures and Phil and Tony Waxman, the notorious twin brothers who co-founded the film studio and now run it with four iron fists. For the last twenty years, their mix of edgy films and take-no-prisoners deal making had earned the company hundreds of awards, billions of dollars, and a singular reputation as an incredibly tough place to work. But when she is off e red a job there, Karen doesn?t hesitate, knowing that if any place proved that the sky was the limit, Glorious was it. She finds herself with an all-access pass to the tantrums, whims, follies, neuroses, and unimaginable egos of the celebrities who star in Glorious? films, which come as no surprise. It?s the absolute insanity inside the company that knocks her for a loop. Armed with tenacity, ambition and wit, Karen learns...