Обложка книги The Washingtonienne : A Novel

The Washingtonienne : A Novel

ISBN: 1401302009;
Издательство: Hyperion
Страниц: 304

Book DescriptionThe blog that scandalized Washington, D.C., is not a sharp steamy, utterly unrepentant novel set against the backdrop of the nations? capital . "Just between us girls, Washington is an easy place to get laid. It?s a simple matter of economics: supply and demand. Washington lacks those industries that attract the Beautiful People, such as entertainment and fashion. Instead it has the government, also know as ?Hollywood for the Ugly.? Without the model-actress population to compete with, my stock shot up when I moved to DC." When Jacqueline Turner?s fiancee gives her two days to move out of his apartment, she has no choice but to leave New York City and crash with her best friend in Washington, DC. (She can?t be expected to keep herself in cute clothes while paying New York City rent, after all.) She needs a new, exciting life?not to mention real employment. Where better to get a fresh start than the...

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