Обложка книги The Yoga Mamas

The Yoga Mamas

ISBN: 0425202631;
Издательство: Berkley Trade
Страниц: 240

Book DescriptionThey're pregnant. They're glamorous. They're blissfully balanced. Or maybe that's all just a pose... Laura is pregnant. She is stressed. She is exhausted. So she takes a deep, yogic breath, forgets about her husband, leaves her cramped apartment...and joins the Prada-clad celebrities and socialites at the most elite yoga center in the city. She figures she is a few tax brackets too short of fitting in. But she finds herself befriended by four huge-hearted, fabulously pregnant women who prove her wrong. Soon they are exchanging birthing plans and baby names and dirty secrets about their significant others. Everything is falling into place. Until she discovers one of them has a secret so big it just might burst their blissful yoga bubble. From The Yoga Mamas : Gigi led the way to the restaurant with her belly. At her side, Isla, too, thrust her bare mid-section defiantly out to the front, as if daring anyone to comment. Susan,...