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Vandana Shiva

India on Fire: The Lethal Mix of Free Trade, Famine and Fundamentalism in India (Open Media Series)

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ISBN: 1583225404
Издательство: Seven Stories Press
Physicist-turned-environmental, human rights, and antiglobalization activist Dr. Vandana Shiva sees India in desperate crisis, facing potential nuclear conflict with Pakistan, the rise of fundamentalism within its own borders, and the very real threatof mass famine and economic enslavement of its citizens to the forces of globalization. In India on Fire , Shiva offers a critical analysis of the effects of globalization. This slim book, which brings together historical, philosophical, and scientific thought, is a succinct and worthy primer for anyone who wishes to understand the crises in India and Pakistan today. Vandana Shiva is the author of many books, including Water Wars , and won the 1993 Right Livelihood Award, also known as the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize.