Обложка книги Wizard's Holiday: The Seventh Book in the Young Wizards Series

Wizard's Holiday: The Seventh Book in the Young Wizards Series

ISBN: 0152052070;
Издательство: Magic Carpet Books
Страниц: 448

Grade 6-8-What would a cultural exchange program be like on a galactic scale? Dairine Callahan wants to find out, and, without obtaining permission, makes plans to go, along with her older sister Nita, on a trip to another planet while alien wizards visit their home on Earth. When Dairine is found out and grounded, her surprisingly amenable father still allows her to host the guests as planned. Meanwhile, Nita; her best friend, Kit Rodriguez; and Kit's dog, Ponch, spend two weeks on Alaalu, a planet that seems halcyonic. Back at home, Dairine is thrilled to welcome Filif, a sentient tree, and Sker'ret, a large purple caterpillarlike creature, but Roshaun, an arrogant humanoid, threatens to make the entire experience miserable. However, on both Alaalu and Earth, the Lone Power continues to work in unpredictable ways. The wizards discover that they may not be on holiday after all, and that the civilizations of both planets are in danger of annihilation. While the narrative moves at a...

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