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Are You Experienced?: Baby Boom Poets at Midlife

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ISBN: 0877458502
Издательство: University of Iowa Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 312
Book DescriptionIn this timely and reflective anthology, the generation that sought to stay forever young reveals that midlife should mean more than jokes about thinning hair, creaking joints, and thickening waistlines. Midlife's insights?whether they be physical, spiritual, or emotional?are indeed startling, and who better than poets to deliver them? The nearly one hundred poets, both men and women, emerging and established, in this anthology move beyond the standard complaints of middle age to more resounding themes that define an entire generation: social, political, and environmental concerns, domestic partnerships and blended families, crises and affirmations of faith. Some poets, like Ann Hostetler in ?Priestess of Love,? revisit their youthful desires, while others, such as Jim Daniels in ?Blessing the House,? summon memories of old houses and neighborhoods. The Great Boomer Sellout is acknowledged in poems like Mart'n Espada's...
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