Обложка книги Evagrius Ponticus: Ad Monachos (Ancient Christian Writers)

Evagrius Ponticus: Ad Monachos (Ancient Christian Writers)

ISBN: 0809105608;
Издательство: Paulist Press
Страниц: 416

Book DescriptionJeremy Driscoll makes available for the first time in English the text known as Ad Monachos, by Evagrius Ponticus (345-399), who was among the first of the desert fathers to articulate in writing the wisdom of the monastic movement. The text is a collection of 137 proverbs composed in a style that imitates the proverbs of biblical Wisdom literature. Besides offering the Greek text and an English translation, Driscoll examines its structure and style, and offers commentary on different proverbs. This noteworthy book: --is the only major commentary in any modern language on Ad Monachos. --demonstrates how the proverbs in their order form a rich spiritual architecture. --is presently the single most comprehensive book in English on Evagrius.

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