Обложка книги I Hear Guyana Cry!

I Hear Guyana Cry!

ISBN: 0595292143;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 80

Book DescriptionWhereas Balwant BhagwandinA?s wild flowers was a gathering of thoughts and emotions, i hear guyana cry! , his second book of poetry, focuses on the destruction that is being visited upon his native land and its people. These poems speak of the agony from the mayhem and madness of yet another A?TurdA? World country on the brink of a A?failed stateA? the like of Somalia and Liberia with warlords and child-soldiers, drug lords and their phantom enforcers and outright criminals instituting a reign of terror on the populace. A?This is a tragedy of calamitous proportion!A? i hear guyana cry! gathers tears for the rapes, robberies and lives lost; anguish at the senseless murders, rampant brutality and bestiality unleashed upon the innocent and vulnerable; undiminishing anger and bitterness at the nation and its politicians for allowing this havoc to happen, for...

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