Обложка книги Late (American Poets Continuum)

Late (American Poets Continuum)

ISBN: 1929918429;
Издательство: BOA Editions, Ltd.
Страниц: 96

Book Description Late is driven by the alternating energies of prose poems and free verse. Woloch understands a person's true -relationships with family, friends, and lovers arrive late-if at all. The exquisite pathos in these poems disclose Woloch's abiding empathy for family, children, ex-lovers, and strangers. Born in Pittsburgh in 1956, Cecilia Woloch grew up in Pittsburgh and in Kentucky. She earned degrees in English and Theatre Arts from Transylvania University. Woloch has been active as a poet in the schools and teacher of creative writing workshops. She has received poetry prizes from The Wildwood Journal , Literal Latte , and the Kentucky Arts Council. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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