Обложка книги Life Is Beautiful: LA Vita E Bella

Life Is Beautiful: LA Vita E Bella

ISBN: 0595273653;
Издательство: Writers Club Press
Страниц: 208

Book Description"Few things in here are what you'd expect. I loved that!" A?Charlene Timol, Los Angeles, CA "Anyone who doesn't know about Mylia Jaza doesn't know themselves. These poems are the poetry of all our lives." A?Robert Bolin, Detroit, MI "Whether or not you're a risk-taker, adding this book to your library will net nothing but positive returns." A?Susie Palmer, Jackson, MS "This is the first poet to come along in a long time and deal head on with a variety of issues." A?Laverne Vancouver, Colorado Springs, CO "This book inspired me so much. I feel empowered." A?Troy Lewis, Manhattan, NY "I didn't like poetry much before reading some of these poems. Now, this collection will be the first book of poems in my own poetry library." A?Beth Stanton, West Palm Beach, FL

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