Обложка книги Merlin's Book of Poems

Merlin's Book of Poems

ISBN: 059529202X;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 92

Book Description MerlinA?s Book of Poems is a collection of poems written by author Dwayne Nelson. However, the idea behind this book is a story in itself. Dwayne visualized Merlin the Magician living a long life backwards in time, and onhis many journeys throughout the world he met many types of people. All of these people had stories to share with him and he wrote a lot of them down, and thus began his book of poems. This book focuses on a variety of entertaining topics to explore and reflect upon. There are important valueable life lessons that the author means to express. In all, MerlinA?s Book of Poems is for all ages and hopefully will bring a smile to all of those that read it.

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