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William C. Dietz

Hitman: Enemy Within

Обложка книги Hitman: Enemy Within

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ISBN: 0345471326, 978-0-345-47132-1
Издательство: Del Rey
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 320
The clone assassin has been played long enough – now it’s more than a game. Bred to kill, Agent 47 is The Agency’s most valuable assassin. So when a competing murder-for-hire organization decides to destroy The Agency, the first person they target for elimination is Agent 47. Tasking someone to off the best hitman in the business is one thing; getting the job done is another. When the attempt falls short, Agent 47 is ordered to track down and kill the culprit who is feeding vital information about The Agency to its enemies. Agent 47 must follow a bloody trail halfway around the world, fight his way through the streets of Fez, Morocco, and battle slavers deep inside Chad. Then he will discover a shattering truth: If he fails at his mission, the price he’ll pay will be far greater than his own life. . .
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