Обложка книги No Boundaries: Prose Poems by 24 American Poets

No Boundaries: Prose Poems by 24 American Poets

ISBN: 1932195017;
Издательство: Tupelo Press
Страниц: 280

"As more poets write prose poems, one of the most common reasons they give for turning to them is that their fluent composition offers a 'freedom of expression' lined poetry often restricts. To many, this sounds like a contradiction stemming from the eternal belief that any kind of good poetry has no boundaries. Yet those that write prose poems insist the act of placing their poems into sentences and paragraphs gives them a fresh approach to content and form."-From the introduction by Ray Gonzalez. An innovative and refreshing concept in poetry anthologies, No Boundaries is the first collection of contemporary prose poetry to present substantial selections from the works of well-known luminaries beside the prose of the latest firebrands. By offering 10 poems by each poet, this collection allows the reader to explore the work of each contributor in depth. Robert Bly, Russell Edson, Campbell McGrath and other established poets light the torches held by newcomers Mary Koncel, Gary Young,...

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