Обложка книги The World Is Round

The World Is Round

ISBN: 0971489041;
Издательство: Innerlight Pub.
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionIn this extraordinary collection of poems and prose, Nikky Finney once again demonstrates her distinctive ability to speak to the heart. With her gift for creating imagery that transfixes and words that dance on the page, Finney captivatingly draws attention to some of life?s most intimate moments. In The World Is Round, the author is a chorus of monks. She is an elephant longing for home. She is sweetgrass and the confederate flag. She is an umbilical cord and a southern congressman?s retarded son. She is a woman?s grotesquely cut body and her father?s last cigarette. With her remarkable and truthful poetic style, Finney gracefully puts us in touch with ourselves and holds our unwavering gaze as she bears witness to the effects of struggle, community, sensuality, hatred and hunger. Nikky Finney?s view of the world informs us uniquely of its roundness?not simply because a Portuguese explorer said it was so in the 16th century....

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