Обложка книги There's a Dog in the Heavens

There's a Dog in the Heavens

ISBN: 1587361531;
Издательство: Hats Off Books
Страниц: 240

Book DescriptionMartin Elster's collection of poetry will delight dog-lovers everywhere. Many of the poems are wonderfully whimsical limericks, but there are also a few melancholy poems, such as "Adopt Me Please," which remind us that there are dogs whose water bowls really are half empty. He writes about a curious assortment of characters?a Yorkie from New York-y who?s nearly as light as a quark-y; a mutt who can open doors, write, and draw with a paw; a dog from Nantucket who gets her head stuck in a bucket; a musical Rottie who listens to Scarlatti; and many more! There?s a Dog in the Heavens! is a wonderful addition to any pet-owner?s library.

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