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This Art : A Copper Canyon Ares Poetica Anthology (Copper Canyon Press Anthology)

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ISBN: 1556591845
Издательство: Copper Canyon Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 128
Book Description The centuries have changed little in this art, ?The subjects are still the same.-Kenneth Rexroth ?? Why poetry? What is poetry and why do people write it and read it? Why, as Dana Levin has written, "this urge to making a scrapbook of stars"? ?? Every poet, by accident or design, has responded to "Why poetry" by writing a poem about poetry (an ars poetica). Whether these poems focus on the personal, political, or philosophical, each recognizes that our world is more complicated than a direct statement. ?? As Marvin Bell has written, "Writing is all and everything." This anthology of poems about the art and life of poetry-which draws widely from Copper Canyon's 30-year backlist of poetry books-proves him right. ?? Poets write out of love and longing: ?? Lord, let me live / long enough to dare /a love poem?-Cyrus Cassells ?? Poets confront suffering: ?? since we will always have a suffering world,?we must also...
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