Обложка книги Agendas: Years of Rain

Agendas: Years of Rain

ISBN: 1413737749;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 56

Book DescriptionPoetry can convey all that is and all that is not at once. In this work, Neal F. Litherland takes you on a journey, showing you all things sad in a gently falling rain, something in every forgotten trinket left under the torrent. In this,his first work that took almost four years to compile, he shows us what we all have in common in our lives, and what we do not, but can understand. Old loves, broken dreams, and the occasional breach in the clouds are what these words bring to mind in the heart. Behind the mask, he bares soul and emotions to try and take you out of this world and into his own, one of words and pages stacked up in the corners of memory. Bringing back memories and reminding us of our past, for sometimes, smiles accompany our tears.

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