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Furious Flower: African American Poetry from the Black Arts Movement to the Present

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ISBN: 0813922534
Издательство: University Press of Virginia
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 318
Book DescriptionThe Furious Flower Conference of 1994 represented the largest gathering of African American writers at one event in nearly thirty years. In that crucial span of time, African American poetry had evolved into an art less overtly political and more introspective; it had also shown dramatic growth -- both in the number of its readers and its practitioners. As a second Furious Flower Conference prepares to convene, Joanne Gabbin has assembled a remarkable selection of works by the FuriousFlower participants. The forty-three poets cover three generations, ranging from such established voices as Michael Harper, Nikki Giovanni, and the late Gwendolyn Brooks, in whose honor the conference was organized, to a host of rising young writers who are reimagining America in the language of a hip-hop nation. 'Furious Flower' provides a fascinating collective portrait of African-American poetry at the close of the twentieth century -- as well as an indication of where it may be...
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