Обложка книги Jubilant Thicket : New and Selected Poems

Jubilant Thicket : New and Selected Poems

ISBN: 1556592027;
Издательство: Copper Canyon Press
Страниц: 360

Book Description Jonathan Williams founded The Jargon Society-a publisher dedicated to poetry, experimental fiction, photography and visionary folk art-and has championed the underdog, maverick and outsider in the arts for 50 years. He has also published over 100 of his own books, pamphlets and broadsides of poetry, essays and photography. Jubilant Thicket collects the best of his poetry and teems with the eccentric, strange and boundlessly authentic-neoclassical poems, social satire, musical suites and lyrics. There is spleen, salt and a delicious -sarcasm, as Williams finds inspiration in Mahler and Mojo Nixon, Blake and whimmydiddles. There is nobody quite like Jonathan Williams: "He is one of the few poets about whom it could be said, he has never bored a reader."- Contemporary Poets "Of all the Black Mountain poets (teachers and disciples alike), Jonathan Williams is the wittiest, the least constrained, the most joyous."- The New York Times ...

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